Meraki Full Body Polish | $105

This 60 minute full body treatment includes a light exfoliation on your hands, arms décolleté, stomach, legs and feet on both front and back, followed by a deep moisturizer for complete nourishment and reconditioning of your skin throughout your body. Our full body treatment is designed to increase circulation and exfoliate skin, leaving it incredibly soft, and you incredibly relaxed.

Meraki’s Signature Complete Hydration Treatment | $60

with exfoliation | $68

Great all year round! This 50-minute complete hydration treatment includes attention to your hands, elbows, and feet. In addition to this wonderful hydrating treatment, our guests can choose to add on an exfoliation option to the treated areas. 


**This treatment should be avoided if you have numbness in hands or feet or have any rashes or open sores

LED Light Therapy | $55 | Single Treatment

LED light therapy delivers UV-free beneficial light energy to the skin. LED light therapy helps reduce pain, fine lines & wrinkles, temporarily increases blood circulation, and treats mild to moderate acne. It also calms existing breakouts and restores your skin’s clear & healthy appearance. To maximize light therapy results, we recommend a regular weekly or monthly treatment series. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Includes skin analysis, cleansing, and custom serum.


Single Treatments | $55

Treatment Package of 6 | $280 ($50 savings)

Treatment Package of 12 | $535 ($120 savings)

Unlimited Packages Available

Meraki's Back Bliss | $70

Meraki Spa and Wellness offers an invigorating 45-minute back treatment to restore your skin’s health, exclusively on your back. Our customized skin treatment will bring back balance, and aide in reducing acne, clogged pores, dryness, and hyperpigmentation. Mild extractions included.

NOTE: This is not a back massage

Meraki’s Neck Bliss $25 | Décolleté (chest) Bliss $45

Includes custom enzyme, steam and mask based on your skin's needs.

Paraffin Hand Treatment | $20

Meraki’s Custom Enhancements

(enhancements to MOST of our services):

Hydro Jelly Mask | $20

Elbow Hydration | $15

Foot Hydration | $15

Foot Hydration with Exfoliation | $20

Elbow & Foot Hydration | $25

Hand Exfoliation | $15

Lip Exfoliating & Hydrating Treatment | $15

Lactic or Glycolic Peel | $20

LED Light Therapy | $30

Eye Treatment | $15

Exfoliating Hand OR Foot Treatment | $15

Neck Enzyme/Mask | $25

Chest Enzyme/Mask | $45