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Trina Sullivan, Owner & Esthetician 

Through my many years as a registered nurse, I have seen and experienced the value of human touch and importance of the human connection to one another. I strongly believe in this and incorporate it into every treatment and interaction I have with everyone I come in contact with. I believe in not only working to improve the body and skin’s appearance, but my client’s complete body, mind, and spirit as well. I believe they are all 'one' and work in sync.

Meraki, a word that is derived from the Greeks, is often used to describe what happens “when you leave a piece of yourself, a piece of your soul, love and creativity in your work. When you love something, or doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it.” I chose to name my company Meraki Spa and Wellness, LLC, due to my passion, devotion, and love for taking care of and helping people- whatever their needs may be- to the best of my ability. The love and devotion for my family, friends, work, and clients is something I value greatly and put into my services each and every day.





Chemical Peels

Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)

LED Light Therapy


 The meaning of ensō

The Japanese symbol, ensō, is said to represent 'an element of the moment' and is closely associated with Zen. The circular figure is made with a single brush stroke. Ensō can be left open, or can be closed off entirely. Each method of painting differs slightly in meaning, but both represent the same ideologies: strength, enlightenment, elegance, the universe, and the void. During their time together at Meraki, the client and esthetician will embrace the peace and tranquility represented by ensō, and work to heal any voids that may be present. 

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