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Hear what our clients are saying about Meraki Spa and Wellness!

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I visited Trina at Meraki Spa and Wellness because I was experiencing extreme foot pain. My feet had no circulation, were cold all the time, numb and in excruciating pain. Trina worked on my feet for several weeks using LED Light Therapy and a hydration exfoliation treatment.

After approximately 8 treatments I had blood flowing back into my feet, and my pain was completely gone! I was very skeptical at first because I'd seen doctors for years and I never experienced relief.

I would recommend Trina to anyone - you won't be disappointed.


Trina is absolutely amazing! With the combination of her nursing knowledge and her compassionate heart, her skills and passion carry through with every move. Her gentle approach allowed for a relaxing experience, all while effectively caring for my skin. She made sure I was comfortable with warm, cozy blankets and soft lighting. Hands down the best facial I have ever had! Thank you, Trina! I would recommend Trina's services to anyone!

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A friend recommended this new spa and I finally booked a custom facial. People! Everything was perfect and it was the best facial I have ever experienced. The spa is lovely, quiet and cozy. I asked about products for aging skin and Trina, the owner, went through a list of product suggestions. Her knowledge of product and ingredients is impressive and very helpful. She took the time to suggest several products I should be using and will work with me to find the perfect regimen. I highly recommend. I feel great. Thank you Meraki Spa and Wellness.

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